Polar Fuel Fairbanks Alaska

About Us

Polar Fuel was started in October of 1994 with the principle mission of servicing it's corporate parent, OIT Inc., a thermal remediation operation in Moose Creek, AK. It wasn't long that Polar Fuel was servicing the homes of employees, owners and friends of the company. In February of 1996 Polar Fuel was sold to Royal Contractors where it continued to grow into the home heating oil market as well as the commercial market. In June 2000 Ehren Schachle, who had started Polar Fuel for OIT Inc and had been the General Manager of the company while it was owned by Royal Contractors, purchased the company with his wife, Traci Schachle, and business partners, Gary & Sheri Roderick. With the change of ownership came a new professional attitude and change in company vision. Polar Fuel was no longer tied to a corporate parent with a sideline of serving home heating customers, but now was free to focus completely on serving the heating market with a higher level of service than was available to the consumer. In 2002 Polar Fuel moved into its current facility at 1051 Van Horn Road. This 13,000 square foot facility is our commitment to the Fairbanks community to be a long term company providing both quality product and service to our customers.
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